U.S. formally ends combat in Afghanistan


The War in Afghanistan, a 13-year mission marking the longest war in American history, came to an end on Sunday. Continue reading

Afghan election in deadlock after runoff vote


Afghanistan’s presidential election is in a deadlock after a runoff vote, raising concerns about the country’s future. Continue reading

Afghans Outraged By Actions of Journalist, Military


Journalists covering the war in Afghanistan face the threat of death or kidnapping at the hands of the Taliban, a violent Islamic organization that used…read more

New Army Leader Takes Up Fight in Afghanistan


As the U.S. plans to increase its number of soldiers in Afghanistan this summer to nearly 70,000, a new Army general has been nominated to…read more

Despite Gains, Afghan Women Still Struggle


Many Afghan women and girls are seeing increased access to schools and other opportunities since the fall of Taliban rule in 2001, but they still…read more

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