Modern construction leads to discoveries of Rome’s ancient past


In this lesson plan, students will learn about new discoveries from Rome’s ancient past. Continue reading

PBS Student Reporting Labs: Mammoth archaeological discovery made in Channel Islands National Park


2016 marked the 100th anniversary of the U.S. National Park Service, and PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs observed the milestone by producing video stories about national parks across the country in a series called “America the Beautiful.” Continue reading

Clues to Queen Nefertiti’s Hidden Tomb – Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Could the famous ancient Egyptian queen secretly be hidden behind the tomb of her son, King Tut? Explore new developments in Egyptology and find out how archeologists may have recently uncovered clues about the location of Queen Nefertiti’s remains. Continue reading

Ancient skulls reveal man’s early history


On a journey tracing ancient man’s migration out of Africa and across the globe, journalist Paul Salopek made a stop at one of the most important sites in ancient human history. Continue reading

3D technology rebuilds artifacts destroyed by ISIS


The destruction of priceless antiquities by the Islamic State (ISIS) has horrified researchers worldwide, but 21st century technology offers one way of preserving ancient cultural heritage.
Continue reading

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