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Student Voice: During teachers’ strike, LA school felt like a “ghost town”

Student Voice

Learn more about the Los Angeles teacher’s strike through the lens of LA high school senior Noor Aldayeh. Continue reading

What happens when schools suspend young students?


More than three million students are suspended from public schools in the U.S. each year, including some students as young as kindergarten. Continue reading

Education Reform Offered to Schools That Want to Compete


President Barack Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan announced a new “Race to the Top” program for schools and school districts around the country to…read more

African Americans Facing Higher Unemployment


With millions of Americans losing their jobs in the current recession, African American unemployment is reaching record levels. In East St. Louis, Illinois, black unemployment…read more

What is the Impact of Charter Schools?


NewsHour education correspondent John Merrow explores the pros and cons of charter schools, schools granted independence from local government, in New Orleans, Louisiana. This report…read more

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