Daily News Lesson: Afghan refugees face massive bureaucratic hurdles coming to U.S.


Learn about some of the difficulties refugees face in getting out of Afghanistan Continue reading

Daily News Lesson: Chaos outside Kabul airport as U.S. seeks to evacuate thousands


Hear from U.S. authorities and Afghan citizens on a chaotic evacuation following Taliban takeover of Kabul Continue reading

Daily News Lesson: Haitians left homeless by 7.2 magnitude earthquake now brace for storm


Understand the disaster unfolding in Haiti, and learn what is most needed now Continue reading

Daily News Lesson: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign


Hear why Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York is stepping down, and discuss changing attitudes toward sexual harassment in the workplace Continue reading

Daily News Lesson: Origins of Surfside condo collapse and roles of condo boards


PBS NewsHour discusses the greater issues looming for condo buildings in America Continue reading

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