Obama Asks Americans to Support Stimulus


In his first prime-time press conference Monday night, President Barack Obama urged the American people to support the economic stimulus bill currently making its way…read more

111th Congress Opens for Business


The opening day of the 111th Congress was dramatic as new members of Congress were sworn in and leaders turned away Roland Burris, Gov. Rod…read more

Government Bailout For Automakers Comes With Strings


President Bush announced Friday that the Treasury Department will provide more than $17 billion in emergency loans to General Motors and Chrysler. The funds will…read more

Bleeping Valuable Senate Seat


Governor Rod Blagojevich, of Illinois was arrested and charged with corruption on December 9 in the early morning. The charges include an allegation that he…read more

New Face Heads Energy Committee


As the lame duck congress comes back into session many changes are afoot in government committees and sub-committees. Environmentalists cheered a surprise change in leadership…read more

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