CDC racing to stop Ebola


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is working to contain the Ebola virus in West Africa and prevent further deaths. Continue reading

Tanzania’s Brain Drain


Tanzania has a brain drain problem; not enough doctors to treat its more than 40 million people. To combat this, the Tanzanian Government now trains…read more

Flu Vaccine Approved


Since the swine flu outbreak began last spring and spread to more than 100 countries researchers have been working around the clock to come up…read more

Animals Give Diseases to Human Neighbors


In parts of Southeast Asia, setting a bird free from its cage is a tradition that symbolizes improving a person’s soul. But public health workers…read more

Nigeria Deals With Polio Outbreak


Although health workers in have eliminated the crippling disease polio in most parts of the world, it is still a major problem in Nigeria where…read more

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