Daily News Lesson: How Rosalind Franklin was denied recognition for her breakthrough DNA discovery


Learn about a pioneering scientist who didn’t get the recognition she deserved during her lifetime for helping discover DNA Continue reading

Daily News Lesson: New Netflix series fights erasure and honors the influence of Black cuisine in America


Explore Netflix’s new series “High on the Hog” honoring the influence of Black cuisine in America Continue reading

Daily News Lesson: ‘In the Heights’ uplifts a Latino community and helps reframe Hollywood roles


Discuss representation in popular art related to the release of a movie based on a popular musical Continue reading

How to break down stereotypes


In this NewsHour Extra lesson, learn how representation in work, school and pop culture makes a difference to young people. Continue reading

What accounts for the rise in hate groups in the U.S.?


Since 2000, the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacist movements in the United States have been on the rise, totaling 784 active hate groups in 2014. Continue reading

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