Economic Crisis

How the music industry is trying to save itself (and save your city)


Explore how the pandemic is affecting the music industry—and how that affects the larger economy. Continue reading

America: Pass or Fail?


In our current economic crisis with the fate of the United States uncertain, Economics Correspondent Paul Solman talks to Pulitzer Prize winning author Jared Diamond…read more

College Costs Rising at Unprecedented Rate


NewsHour education correspondent John Merrow explores the high cost of higher education and its toll on students in this report. Sixty percent of students at…read more

What Really Happens in a Foreclosure?


This moving report looks at the work of a company that clears out homes that have gone through foreclosure. Because the banks want the houses…read more

Current Financial Crisis Echoes Lessons of the Great Depression


Following the Great Depression, large “universal banks” were broken down to separate commercial and investment banks giving rise to the giants of Goldman Sachs and…read more

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