Election Day

Sports franchises push for paid holiday this Election Day


Examine the ways public figures and organizations can help push forward causes such as voter turnout. Continue reading

Student Voices: Here are the election issues most on teenagers’ minds

Student Voice

NewsHour Extra asked middle and high school students across America: What issue would you like to hear 2018 candidates discuss where you live and why? Read their responses below and check out the election videos produced by Student Reporting Labs on how to turn out the youth vote. Continue reading

States Prepare for Voting Problems on Election Day


As the 2008 election on November 4 approaches, election experts are concerned about potential voting problems, especially with the expected high voter turnout. Two election…read more

Will Race Be A Factor On Election Day?


Barack Obama may be the nation’s first African-American major party presidential nominee, but he has run a studiously race-neutral campaign. Still, the race issue never…read more

Voter Fraud and Machine Malfunctions: Possible Election Day Problems


As the country gears up for November 4, election officials are working around the clock to ensure that every vote is counted. This report looks…read more

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