Daily News Lesson: After four decades of AIDS, progress has been made but major problems remain


After 40 years of AIDS, progress has been made but major problems remain. Learn about the impacts of policy and stigma on the fight against the HIV epidemic Continue reading

Brooks & Capehart classroom resource: A transformative two weeks for the U.S.


DOWNLOAD VIDEO Teachers: This past two weeks have been full of news that can be hard to process, but for that reason, is all the…read more

How to talk with your students about Trump’s return to the White House


A major outbreak of COVID-19 at the White House raises questions about safety and management Continue reading

Which animal started the Ebola outbreak?


Scientists have located Ebola antibodies in several types of fruit bat, making it a chief suspect, but there has not been conclusive evidence. Continue reading

Apartheid Sowed Seeds of South Africa’s AIDS Epidemic


Unlike her predecessors South Africa’s new Health Minister, Barbara Hogan, is promoting safer sex, testing, antiretroviral drugs, and disease education to try and fight the…read more

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