How do people of different backgrounds view racial equality in the U.S.? — Class Discussion


Race relations have been a major topic recently in the United States. Incidents like the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and, more recently, Freddie…read more

Teaching Ferguson in the classroom


It’s been one year since the encounter with a white police officer that resulted in the death of black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri…read more

Police officers shot in Ferguson as community tries to heal


Two police officers were shot in Ferguson, Missouri this week, where tension has been high for months following the August shooting of teenager Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson. Continue reading

Justice Dept. report on Ferguson slams local police


In an investigation sparked by the shooting of teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, the Justice Department found patterns of police misconduct, racial bias and a disregard for the community. Continue reading

Youth explain why they march in the current protests


Groups peacefully protesting the killings of Eric Garner and Michael Brown aim for justice and systemic change in police conduct. Continue reading

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