First Lady

Hillary Clinton’s long time in the political spotlight


While Clinton has topped the annual Gallup poll of “most admired woman” each of the last 14 years, a CBS poll last month showed nearly two-thirds of Americans say they don’t think she is honest or trustworthy. Continue reading

Nancy Reagan’s legacy: Devoted wife, caregiver, political partner


Former first lady Nancy Reagan died of heart failure on Sunday in Bel-Air, California at age 94. Continue reading

Cindy McCain Discusses Governor Palin and the Republican Convention


Cindy McCain, wife of GOP presidential nominee John McCain, discusses the campaign and her husband’s vice president pick, Governor Sarah Palin. While Palin has faced…read more

Michelle Obama Reflects on Her Role in Husband’s Campaign


In this video, Michelle Obama talks about her speech on the opening night of the Democratic National Convention and her role in the campaign to…read more

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