Student Voice: High school senior delivers “Class of COVID” graduation speech

Student Voice

“Because of OUR voice we are seeing the change that should have been in place a LONG time ago and that is something we should be proud of,” says Anne Laurie Pierre in her graduation speech. Continue reading

How COVID affected end-of-year high school experiences


In this NewsHour EXTRA lesson plan, hear graduating high school seniors discuss their hopes and dreams amid the coronavirus pandemic. Continue reading

Speakers crack jokes for college grads


Check out some funny moments from graduation ceremonies this year where famous speakers such as Stephen Colbert, Tim Cook and George W. Bush addressed college grads.

New Michigan Graduation Requirements Shortchange Many Students

Student Voice

The Michigan legislature recently raised its state’s high school graduation requirements to include more credits. Nick Thomas, a 17-year-old reporter with 8-18 Media, looks at some possible drawbacks of the change and its effects on a variety of students with differing career goals. Continue reading

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