Daily News Lesson: Congress considers funding for student mental health and more


Hear from the secretary of education and discuss what can be done in your school to address student mental health Continue reading

Daily News Lesson: How this young Afghan refugee uses poetry to ’empty’ her pain and feel hope


Hear from one young refugee on how poetry and art have helped her process trauma Continue reading

Student Voice: Why Justin Gigliotti wants those with disabilities to “let it out”

Student Voice

Justin Gigliotti uses his popular Twitter handle @syndrome22q1 to bring awareness to 22q syndrome, a disorder that is caused when part of the human chromosome 22 is missing Continue reading

Daily News Lesson: As Delta variant surges, should public or private sectors mandate vaccines?


With the recent surge in the Delta Variant, especially among the unvaccinated, parts of the government sector and private companies make the move to mandate vaccines- what are the implications of this? Continue reading

Daily News Lesson: Retirees invent way to help breast cancer survivors


Learn about a group of women making an impact even in retirement Continue reading

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