Book Praises Manual Work in Age of Information


Until the 1990s, most students in the American school system had “shop class” – a period devoted to making things out of wood or metal,…read more

Job Seekers Face Long Searches in Tough Economy


As part of his ongoing series on “Making Sense” of the economy, NewsHour economics correspondent Paul Solman visits a Manhattan job fair where many people…read more

Ex-Convicts and Laid-Off Execs Face Dim Job Prospects


In part of an ongoing series deciphering financial news, NewsHour economics correspondent Paul Solman talks to laid-off business executives and ex convicts, two groups of…read more

College Grads Look Beyond Wall St.


At Duke University, an expensive private school that sends many of its graduates to high-salary jobs in banking and finance on Wall Street in New…read more

Some Share Pain of Bad Economy


As more Americans continue to lose their jobs – more than 600,000 in March – some companies are giving their employees the option of shared…read more

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