Lesson Plan: Poetry as a window into modern history

Lesson Plan

This poetry lesson illuminates U.S. history, as the poets address profound human connections amid critical events. Continue reading

Poet and Toy Collector Shares Writing


Poet, professor and toy collector Albert Goldbarth is a two-time recipient of the prestigious National Book Critics Circle Award, as well as a Mark Twain…read more

Poet Jim Harrison Finds Inspiration in the Natural World


In this video, Jeffrey Brown talks to writer and poet Jim Harrison about the inspiration for his work and the process of writing poetry. A…read more

Poet Reflects Auto Industry Woes and Unemployment


How are artists reacting to the current economic situation? Poet Bob Hicok was born and raised in Michigan, worked in factories and once owned an…read more

Nation’s Poet Laureate Starts With Cliches


Known for compact writing and for leading a quiet life, Kay Ryan has taken on a very public role as the nation’s poet laureate. She…read more

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