Presidential Election

“We Polked you in ’44, we shall Pierce you in ’52!” Presidential Campaign Slogans

Lesson Plan

Slogans are a critical aspect of a political campaign: In just a few words, they must summarize the candidate’s brand and win over voters. How well do you know presidential campaign slogans from history? Continue reading

Presidential candidates arrive at Iowa State Fair


Every four years, the Iowa State Fair serves as one of the first vetting grounds for candidates hoping to win their party’s nomination for president. Continue reading

Opposition Candidate Mousavi


Almost two weeks ago Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was declared the president in a landslide victory in Iran. Many observers called foul play and since, millions of…read more

Iran’s Twitter Revolution


After Iran’s contested presidential election sparked protests and rioting across Iran, social networking Web sites like Twitter and Facebook are playing a crucial role connecting…read more

Youth Rock The Vote This Presidential Election


With record turnout expected in this year’s presidential election many people are looking to see what effect the youth vote can have. The national organization…read more

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