public schools

How are students returning to learning across the country?


Examine the range of reopening plans across the country, and discuss how to address academic inequality. Continue reading

Summer coronavirus wave scrambles re-opening plans


Examine shifts in public policy and plans for the fall as coronavirus cases ramp up in mid-summer. Continue reading

What is the Impact of Charter Schools?


NewsHour education correspondent John Merrow explores the pros and cons of charter schools, schools granted independence from local government, in New Orleans, Louisiana. This report…read more

D.C. School Reformer Rhee Remakes Public Image


In less then two years D.C. Public School Chancellor, Michelle Rhee, has closed 23 under-enrolled schools, fired more than 15 percent of her central office…read more

Truancy Still A Problem in New Orleans Schools


More than three years after the devastating Hurricane Katrina the New Orleans public schools are still hurting. Truancy has become a major problem and even…read more

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