Anger and unrest in Missouri after police kill unarmed teenager


Witnesses say that Michael Brown, a black 18-year-old from a suburb of St. Louis, did not resist officers and put his hands over his head even as he was shot repeatedly. Continue reading

New York City awards $40 million to the wrongly imprisoned “Central Park Five”


New York City will pay $40 million to five black and Latino men who 25 years ago were wrongly convicted of violently attacking a woman in Central Park; the city’s largest ever settlement in a civil rights case. The case of the “Central Park Five” was sensationalized in the media, inflaming racial tensions in the city and adding to a perception of lawlessness. Continue reading

What’s Racism Got To Do With It?


Despite White House attempts to quell accusations of racism, the question of whether President Obama’s skin color has played into criticism of his political decisions…read more

President Obama Addresses the NAACP


President Obama was the featured speaker for the 100th birthday of the nation’s oldest civil rights organization the National Association for the Advancement of Colored…read more

Will Race Be A Factor On Election Day?


Barack Obama may be the nation’s first African-American major party presidential nominee, but he has run a studiously race-neutral campaign. Still, the race issue never…read more

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