Economic role of government now and during Great Depression


In this NewsHour EXTRA lesson, learn how the coronavirus is impacting the economy and how it compares to the Great Depression. Continue reading

Even Cows Affected by Global Recession


While the average American cow produces 6.5 gallons of milk each day, twice as much as in 1970, the farmers selling the milk are now…read more

Recession Changes Shopping Habits


In a slumping economy with record job losses and foreclosures on homes and businesses, Americans are being forced to slow the rate of consumption that…read more

Ex-Convicts and Laid-Off Execs Face Dim Job Prospects


In part of an ongoing series deciphering financial news, NewsHour economics correspondent Paul Solman talks to laid-off business executives and ex convicts, two groups of…read more

What Will the Economic Recovery Look Like?


Since late 2007, the U.S. and global economies have been in a prolonged recession. How long will this downturn last? When will the recovery come?…read more

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