How the U.S. combats violent extremism and propaganda


Recent acts of violence committed by extremists who were radicalized while living in the United States have raised concerns over the threat of home-grown terrorism. Continue reading

Europe searches for answers in Brussels terrorist attacks


Terror attacks at an airport and subway station in Brussels, Belgium on Tuesday killed at least 31 people and injured more than 180, including about a dozen Americans. Continue reading

Obama makes last push to close Guantanamo prison


President Barack Obama took steps Tuesday to make a final effort to finally close the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay.
Continue reading

Republican candidates clash over national security in fifth debate


Nine Republican presidential candidates met Tuesday night in Las Vegas to debate how to keep the country secure in the wake of recent terror attacks…read more

Threats of loss to “American identity” drive anti-Muslim fears


The recent increase in terror attacks and mass shootings may be contributing to heightened anti-Muslim sentiment in the United States and abroad. Continue reading

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