Outrage over kidnapped school girls spreads beyond Nigeria


DOWNLOAD VIDEO Outrage over the fate of more than 200 girls who were kidnapped from their school in Nigeria is spreading around the world. Recently,…read more

May Day protest turns fiery in Ukraine


DOWNLOAD VIDEO In May 1 ‘May Day’ protests, large numbers of pro-Russian demonstrators in the city of Donetsk forced the well-equipped Ukrainian riot police to…read more

Israeli negotiators walk away from Mideast peace process


(A streaming version of this video is no longer available. Please see below for a downloadable version) DOWNLOAD VIDEO In the latest bump in the…read more

Enemies reconcile to bring change to Myanmar


DOWNLOAD VIDEO For 50 years, the country of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, has kept itself isolated from the world. In 2007, the world got…read more

Pakistani youth ambassadors are “inspiration to all who feel helpless”

Student Voice

Keegan and Elisa from the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Lab at John F. Kennedy High School in Silver Spring, Md., recently interviewed Khainat and Shazia,…read more

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