Just a month after parent company NBC set the stage for widespread staff cuts, cable business network CNBC announced it would cut a quarter of its online operation and 4 percent of its broadcast staff in a move to consolidate…

Engineers completed history's first asteroid landing today when the NEAR spacecraft successfully touched down on the surface of Eros, 196 million miles from Earth.

In a continuing war between the Russian government and the nation's only independent national television station, prosecutors yesterday raided a bank owned by Russian media mogul Vladimir Gusinsky. The U.S. State Department cried foul.

Television coverage of election night returns interfered with the electoral process and in CNN's case was "a debacle," according to an independent report released today.

After a high-profile presence at the Republican National Convention in August, streaming media Webcaster Pseudo.com was billing itself at the Internet's latest up-and-comer -- until it went bankrupt a month later.

AOL Time Warner cut more than 2,000 jobs Tuesday in what officials from the recently-merged company said was a move to streamline operations.