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11 of the best pieces of advice for the Class of 2018

The class of 2018 got its fair share of advice from politicians, actors and industry leaders at graduations around the country. Offering wisdom and humor, here’s what some of the well-known commencement speakers said.

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  • Judy Woodruff:

    This year's class of 2018 got its fair share of advice from politicians, actors and industry leaders. They offered wisdom, and some humor, to college graduates around the country.

  • Hillary Clinton:

    Congratulations to the class of 2018. I am thrilled for all of you, even the three of you who live in Michigan and didn't request your absentee ballots in time.


  • Oprah Winfrey:

    I hold you in the light, and I wish you curiosity and confidence. And I wish you ethics and enlightenment.

    I wish you guts. Every great decision I have ever made, I trusted my gut. And goodness. I wish you purpose and the passion that goes along with that purpose.

  • Josh Groban:

    Be kind. Be generous. Be inclusive. and use your voices. As Virgil said about 2,000 years ago, let us go singing as far as we go. The road will be less tedious.

  • Chance the Rapper:

    The highest form of respect that we can pay to the people who came before us, the people who sacrificed for us and gave us everything is to be better than them. Living up to your heroes is amazing, but it's not good enough.

    The difference between goodness and greatness is going beyond. You have to push forward and surpass their greatness in order to pay homage to their struggle.

  • Michael Keaton:

    Always think of the other guy, as my mom used to say. Be thoughtful. Honor decency. And, fellow, be a gentleman. Be generous. Be fair. Be courageous. Be yourself.

  • Abby Wambach:

    Failure is not something to be ashamed of. It's something to be powered by. Failure is the highest octane fuel your life can run on. You got to learn to make failure your fuel.

  • John Kasich:

    There is a price to pay for standing up. But, when you do stand up, you go down in the memory, the minds of people around you as a hero, as an inspiration.

  • Tim Cook:

    If you step up without fear of failure, if you talk and listen to each other without fear of rejection, if you act with decency and kindness even when no one is looking, even if it seems small or inconsequential, trust me, the rest will fall into place.

  • President Jimmy Carter:

    We decide whether we tell the truth or benefit from telling lies. We're the ones to decide, do I hate, or am I filled with love? We're the ones to decide, do I think only about myself, or do I care for others?

  • President Donald Trump:

    To the class of 2018, I do say strive for excellence, live for adventure, think big, dream bigger, push further, sail faster, fly higher, and never, ever stop reaching for greatness. Never stop reaching for the stars.

  • Chadwick Boseman:

    I don't know what your future is, but if you are willing to take the harder way, the more complicated one, the one with more failures at first than successes, the one that has ultimately proven to have more meaning, more victory, more glory, then you will not regret it.

  • Michael Keaton:

    And if I leave you with anything, I'm going to leave you with these two words. And those two words are, "I'm Batman."


  • Judy Woodruff:

    Lots of advice for all those graduates to absorb.

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