Richard Reeves wrote the essay on John F. Kennedy for the book Character Above All, published earlier this year by Simon & Schuster.

Richard Reeves He also wrote about the President in his 1993 book entitled, President Kennedy: Profile of Power. He has written about other presidents as well: The Reagan Detour (1985); A Ford, Not a Lincoln (1975); and most recently Running in Place: How Bill Clinton Disappointed America (1996). He is now working on a book about the Nixon presidency.

Mr. Reeves is a former chief political correspondent for The New York Times, and he has been an editor and columnist for New York and Esquire magazines. He is currently a writer for The New Yorker magazine.

His television credentials include several PBS documentaries including, Struggle for Birmingham (1984), Red Star Over Khyber (1984), and American Journey (1983). He was chief correspondent for the PBS series Frontline from 1980-1981.

Mr. Reeves holds an M.E. degree from Stevens Institute of Technology. He is married to Catherine O'Neill, founder of the Women's Commission for Women and Children Refugees. They have five children and live in Los Angeles.

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