Character Above All: Franklin Delano Roosevelt Glossary


32nd President of the United States


1882: Roosevelt born in Hyde Park, NY on January 30
1932 : Roosevelt elected President on November 8 / John Nance Garner elected Vice President
1933: Roosevelt sworn in on March 4, for first term as
1936: Roosevelt reelected on November 3/ John Nance Garner
elected Vice President
1940: Roosevelt reelected / Henry A. Wallace
elected Vice President
1944: FDR reelected on November 7 / Harry Truman elected Vice President
1945 : Roosevelt dies in Warm Springs, GA on April 12, from a cerebral hemorrhage. Harry Truman becomes President.

eleanor roosevelt ELEANOR ROOSEVELT (1884-1962): She married Franklin Roosevelt on March 17, 1905. They had one daughter and five sons (one of whom died in infancy). She had special interest in the needs of children, minorities, women and the poor. After her husband developed polio, Mrs. Roosevelt did much traveling on his behalf. Doris Kearns Goodwin says, "During the worst years of the Depression, Eleanor traveled nearly two hundred days a year, visiting with southern blacks and migrant workers... absorbing an unprecedented knowledge that allowed her to determine which of her husband's programs were working or failing, wasteful or underfunded. And when she returned, in contrast to the filtered accounts that deferential subordinates too often provide their superiors, she was brutally honest in telling Franklin what she had seen, giving him the base of knowledge he needed to alter his programs or change his approach."

POLIO: In August 1921 Roosevelt was sticken with paralysis while vacationing at his summer home on Campobello Island off the coast of Maine. His ailment was diagnosed as polio. During his presidency, Roosevelt was confined to a wheelchair or stood with the aid of steel leg braces. He tried numerous treatments, but was never able to walk on his power again.roosevelt

THE DEPRESSION: A period of economic collapse in the U.S. economy which followed the stock market crash of 1929. It was marked by bank and busines failures and widespread unemployment

"THE NEW DEAL": A package of programs introduced by President Roosevelt aimed at ending the Depression by stimulating the economy and putting people back to work. The "New Deal" programs were enacted during the first hundred days of the Roosevelt Adminstration.


NRA: The National Recovery Administration was set up under the rooseveltNational Industrial Recovery Act. Its aim was to stabilize production and prices through government regulation of wages and working conditions. The symbol of the NRA campaign was a Blue Eagle thunderbird. Employers who signed NRA agreements were allowed to display the Blue Eagle at their businesses. Many business people opposed the effort as representing excessive government regulation.

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