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Electric Car Dreams
Will green energy and electric cars drive a new global climate change plan?
Africa: House Calls and Health Care
Can a breakthrough health care innovation in Rwanda work in the U.S.?
Peace and Prosperity on the West Bank?
Can a breakthrough experiment finally bring peace to the West Bank?
Green Collar Jobs
Can green jobs be the engine of recovery from the economic meltdown?
Jobs for Jordan
Millions of young people out of work in the Middle East -- what does it mean for America?
Subprime Solution?
A groundbreaking idea to keep desperate homeowners in their houses.
College Summit
Children of the rich have a better shot at college than poor kids. Look who's trying to level the field.
Daughters for Sale
A group that helps to prevent poor families in Nepal from selling their daughters into slavery.
Benefits Denied
How corporations are using the designation "freelancer" to avoid paying benefits.
Health Care Franchise
Can American entrepreneurial know-how save lives in Africa?
Lending a Hand
A profile of a novel program that makes new cars affordable for the working poor.
Montana Meth
A billionaire fights methamphetamine use in Montana.
Meal Plan
Using ethnic foods to create jobs in Boston's inner city.
Who's Making Money From Microcredit?
A new approach to helping the world's poor: Is it working or just making the rich even richer?
Housing Works
Can affordable housing exist in desirable locations?
Growing Local, Eating Local
You know all about organic food -- now learn about the "buy local" movement.
RugMark Foundation USA
Changing market dynamics to eliminate the demand for child labor.
Primavera Foundation
Helping the homeless and former prisoners find jobs and affordable housing.

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