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Steven Brill Talks with Bill Moyers about Life After 9/12
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We can say, "You know what? We're not going to be victims. We're not going to be victims of either our circumstances or our geography or of the terrorists. And we're going to get safer. We're never going to be completely safe but we're going to get safer." -Steven Brill
Steven Brill Writer and publisher Steven Brill has just released a new book on the challenges of life in the United States after September 11. AFTER: HOW AMERICA CONFRONTED THE SEPTEMBER 12 ERA presents a powerful and sweeping story of America in the year after September 11, 2001. Drawing on 347 on-the-record interviews, as well as revelations from court filings, memos from government meetings, and other documents, Brill takes readers from the White House to Ground Zero, from late-night lobbying sessions on Capitol Hill to the living rooms of 9/11 widows, from the boardroom of the Red Cross to the air marshals' training center, from FBI and Justice Department strategy sessions to raids on illegal immigrants - and reveals how America and its people struggled to deal with the new era suddenly thrust upon them.

AFTER shows a Customs inspector struggling to protect the New York harbor from terrorists; a Border Patrol officer in Detroit fighting to make the northern border more secure; a small business owner near Ground Zero trying to rebuild his shoe repair shop; a Silicon Valley entrepreneur lobbying to get his baggage screening systems into every airport; Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge battling the bureaucratic minefields of Washington; a New Jersey widow struggling to help her three children recover from the loss of their father; and many others.

Read the interview transcript.

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Steven Brill is a graduate of Yale College and Yale Law School, is a winner of the National Magazine Award, the founder of THE AMERICAN LAWYER magazine, COURT-TV and BRILL'S CONTENT, and the author of the bestselling THE TEAMSTERS. He is currently a NEWSWEEK columnist and an analyst for NBC on issues related to the aftermath of the September 11 attacks. He lives in New York City with his wife and three children.

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