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Politics and Economy:
September 11 - Then and NOW
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September 11 - Then and NOW

Many of the stories NOW has covered since January have dealt with the aftermath of September 11. Now we're presenting some updates on some of those stories — and we want to hear from you.

"What happened on September 11th is not something that belongs to New York City or the company who owns and/or leases the land on which the attacks took place. What happened on September 11th was of such great magnitude within the experience of our country and the world." --a voice from the NOW message boards

My life has changed immensly since 9/11 - I take nothing for granted. -- Tell us how your life has changed: email NOW or Talk on the Boards

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Anti-war protest
What's the state of freedom of speech on campus after 9/11? We update the story "Freedom to Teach"
Amber Amundson
After Amber Amundson, widowed in the Pentagon blast on September 11, appeared on NOW she answered viewer letters. Read her responses.
Afghan Refugees
Concern aid worker Dominic MacSorley updates us on the situation in Afghan refugee camps.
Carmen, lost husband in 9/11
The lost loved ones in the Trade Center disaster — but they're undocumented workers. A "The Invisible Ones" update.
Anser Mehmood's family
Detainee Anser Mehmood has joined his family in Pakistan. Plus, a status update on other 9/11 detainees

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