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Week of 6.29.07

"Sicko" Reviews

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Michael Moore's films seem to always kick up controversy. His latest film, "Sicko" - a scathing critique on America's health care industry - appears to be no exception. Here's what some film critics had so say about Moore's latest documentary, which opens on June 29th

Associated Press: "It is quintessential Moore: expertly crafted, eminently entertaining, one-sided and overly simplistic." Read the Full Review

Hollywood Reporter: "Michael Moore intelligently, comically and incisively diagnoses and calls for the treatment of a sick U.S. health care system." Read the Full Review

New York Times: "'Sicko' is the least controversial and most broadly appealing of Mr. Moore's movies. (It is also, perhaps improbably, the funniest and the most tightly edited.)" Read the Full Review "In his most persuasive film yet, Michael Moore gives the U.S. health care system a full exam —and offers up a grim prognosis." Read the Full Review

Star Ledger: "'Sicko' contains many of the flaws that commonly plague Moore's movies, riling conservatives and leftists alike." Read the Full Review

Variety: "'Sicko' [is] an affecting and entertaining dissection of the American health care industry, showing how it benefits the few at the expense of the many." Read the Full Review