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Week of 8.24.07


Video: AWOL
Video icon Video: AWOL
Choosing to go to war is both a government's decision and one made by individual enlistees. But changing your mind once you're in the army is a risky decision with serious consequences. This week, we talk to two soldiers who went AWOL and eventually left the Army, but who took very different paths. NOW shows one man turning himself in and captures the moment another applies for refugee status in Canada, becoming one of the more than 20,000 service members who have deserted the Army since the war in Iraq began. Each describes what drove him to follow his conscience over his call to duty, and what penalties and criticism were endured as a result.

"I see things differently having lived through the experience," former army medic Agustin Aguayo tells NOW. "When I returned from Iraq, after much reflection I knew deep within me I could never go back."

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