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Week of 2.22.08

Fighting Over Forests

Will a Bush Administration effort open hundreds of thousands of acres of public land to private development?

Signed by President Bill Clinton in 2001, the Roadless Area Conservation Rule protects nearly 60 million acres of the country's national forest lands from most road building, mining and logging. Over the last seven years, the Bush administration has tried to amend or repeal the landmark regulation to give states more flexibility. NOW travels to southeast Idaho to investigate how a proposed change in the rule threatens to open thousands of acres of pristine public lands to private development. In the report, NOW speaks to representatives from the ranching, environmental, and mining communities, as well an administration official. Who gets to control the fate of Idaho's vast roadless forests? Find out how you can help shape the answer.

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One Family's Split Decision

Also on the show, NOW Senior Correspondent Maria Hinojosa talks to a prominent feminist and her daughter who agree on lots of womens' rights issues, but are totally opposed in their choices for president.

Writer Letty Cottin Pogrebin, one of the founding editors of Ms. magazine and a co-founder of the National Women's Political Caucus, supports Hillary Clinton. Her daughter Abigail, who supports Barack Obama, is an author and former producer for Mike Wallace at "60 Minutes."

Watch their take on the role of feminists in the context of Hillary Clinton's candidacy