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This Week: Global Health
This Week
November 11, 2005

This week on NOW:

The costs of gas and home heating oil are near record highs, and so are profits for the major players in the oil industry. Do hurricanes and the cost of crude oil account for sharp price increases, or is Big Oil making big money by driving prices up? NOW’s Maria Hinojosa investigates the real reasons behind skyrocketing oil prices and asks if a concerted industry strategy has rigged the system.

Plus, Secret justice. A David Brancaccio essay on the secret prisons of the war on terror.

In Depth

No Gas

Gas Price Politics

Auto Emissions and The Environment

Contribute to Our Online Veterans' Scrapbook

Barbed Wire

Interrogation and the Question of Torture

Prisoner Policies and Documents

Civil Liberties and National Security


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Crude Behavior (20:04)

Essay (2:31)


Crude Behavior
Producer: Peter Meryash
Senior Correspondent: Maria Hinojosa
Editor: Kathi Black

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