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Amber Amundson Responds to Viewer Mail
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Amber Amundson
Amber Amundson and her brother-in-law Ryan have responded to a few of the hundreds of questions and e-mails we received from viewers after our January 25, 2002 broadcast of "A Widow's Plea." Here are their answers:

Bob-or-Diane writes:

What specific means do you suggest the USA use to bring terrorists to justice?


The terrorist attack of 9/11 was a crime against the U.S. as well as the world. International forces should do everything they can to catch the perpetrators and bring them to justice in a legitimate court of law. I don't claim to know all the answers, but I do know that justice does not include the death of more innocent people, no matter what their nationality is. To anyone who wants to learn more about effective yet less violent measures to bring terrorists to justice, I suggest researching the ideas of military strategist William Arkin.

In addition to bringing terrorists themselves to justice, lasting peace requires the consideration of the root causes of terrorism. I believe that we as a nation need to examine our foreign policy and consider the message we are sending to the world when we support oppressive governments and policies. U.S. support for Israeli occupation forces has created a great deal of resentment throughout the Middle East. All the resources that the United States funnels into Israel for its military could be used toward other causes that better promote peace in the region.

I believe the most important action to protect the U.S. is to change our focus from destroying terrorists themselves to establishing foreign policies that stop the emergence of further terrorist groups. Our policies need to focus on preventative measures finding ways to prevent further attacks like 9/11. That will have far greater success than making military threats that may encourage or provoke retaliation.


1. The establishment of an international tribunal on crimes against humanity committed on September 11.

2. The full implementation of all effective police and intelligence resources throughout the world to investigate, catch, and try all persons responsible in the September 11 attack.

3. An open dialogue within the United States unhampered by angry rhetoric and accusations. A plethora of nonviolent strategies could be devised and implemented with our vast creativity and power.

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