Inimicus caledonicus

Habitat: Caledonian stingers typically are found buried in the sand.

Average adult size: Adults can grow to be 10 inches long.

Natural history: The caledonian stinger is a member of the scorpionfish family. The dorsal, anal, and pelvic fins are all venomous. This is a species most of us miss. You swim along over a sandy patch never noticing a thing. You have to stop and lay on the bottom and watch. All you might see are a small pair of eyes staring back. Of course, this is exactly the way the caledonian stinger wants it. An ambush predator, it waits for an unsuspecting meal to swim overhead. Out of the sand, it does not swim, it crawls. Little finger-like fins pull it across the sand, looking for its next hiding place. The caledonian stinger, like most scorpionfishes, feeds on shrimps, crabs and small fishes.

Range: Andaman Sea to Australia.

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