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A fisherman's hut overlooks the inner bay of Christmas Island. Palm mats are laid out to dry seaweed hand collected from the bay.
Photo: Genevieve Johnson

October 13, 2000
Returning to Sea
Real Audio

Log Transcript

Hi this is Genevieve Johnson talking to you from Christmas island in Kiribiti. It has been three months since I was last on board the Odyssey. After a three hour flight that leaves once a week from Honolulu to Christmas Island,the plane finally descended through the clouds. My view from above revealed one, of what is a far flung sprinkling of atolls in the western pacific. The expanse of the ocean overwhelmed the sandy beaches, while a myriad of reefs were visible below the transparent surface.

Christmas island from the air is breathtaking. The entire atoll is composed of a roughly circular ring-shaped mass. It was, and still is being constructed by reef building coral on the rim of an underwater volcano. As we flew over the island's interior, the sandy islets gave way to a massive tourquoise lagoon. Enclosed segments of the lagoon varied in color, producing a startling array of contrasting blues and greens.

As we circled the atoll a quarter of a mile above, patches of green took on the form of thousands of palm trees and then, just outside the lagoon, I captured my first glimpse of the Odyssey. I had been anxiously awaiting this moment for a long time, to be back on board the Odyssey, living and working among nature, at natures pace. A part of the natural world again, dependent on the vagaries of weather, climate and at times sustainance from the living web of creatures.

After months at sea, I began to daydream of the abundance and comforts of the real world, the world of cities and suburbs, the conveniences you think you can not live without. The interesting reality however, is that the moment I returned to the real world, all I wanted to do was come back to the life where diversity and beauty abound, a place of infinate reward, the sea.

Log by Genevieve Johnson

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