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Tom Tilas, Chairman of the board at Ocean Alliance, joins the Odyssey Captain, Bob Wallace, at the helm. Together they discuss how a group of dedicated individuals can and are making a difference, as we continue our search for sperm whales in the central tropical pacific.
Photo: Genevieve Johnson

November 3, 2000
Making a Difference
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Log Transcript

Hi, I'm Tom Tilas, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, of the Ocean Alliance. I am coming to you today along with fellow trustee Lorraine Downey from the deck of the research vessel Odyssey, on the equator some 200 miles south of Christmas Island; as we continue on with the Voyage of the Odyssey, over 230 days now and still going strong. I'm sure you've noticed by now that the Voyage of the Odyssey is one of the most unique scientific and educational programs of it's kind. No where else in the world today are a group of dedicated scientists and educators carrying out such an ambitious program. Take a moment and think about what it is that the ocean alliance is trying to accomplish with the Voyage of the Odyssey.

As first envisioned some 9 years ago by Dr Roger Payne and Captain Iain Kerr, the Voyage has brought scientists, educators and ocean advocates, together to form an ALLIANCE, an ALLIANCE that will bring to light the state of health of the worlds oceans today.

As the worlds environment goes through change because of overpopulation, climatic conditions, man made pollution and environmental neglect, it is critical that there is a voice for the worlds oceans. As a professional in the business of environmental restoration. I have seen first hand how concerned and dedicated people like you and I can make a difference

As world leaders come to grips with the reality of the costs associated with environmental degradation ..the scientific findings and educational value developed by the Ocean Alliance will most certainly be a welcome tool in the efforts to restore our oceans and guarantee their productivity for centuries.

The mission of the Odyssey and Ocean Alliance involves hard work and has required personal sacrifices from all the talented staff, current and past from, Iain Kerr who directs the program, Captain Bob Wallace, Scientists like John Stegman, Mike Moore, Rebecca Clark, Celine Goddard, education specialists Chris and Gen Johnson, operations director Josh Jones and the countless others involved, the work that these people have accomplished in a short time is remarkable.

As we continue on with the Voyage of the Odyssey, it is critical that now more than ever before, we renew our pledge to make a differenceAs a viewer of our website and a lover of the worlds oceans I ask that you too, join us in that pledge. Help us make a differnce..We would love to hear from you and welcome your encouragement both financially and intellectually Your donation large or small will help keep us going strong. Look at our website at WWW.OCEANALLIANCE.ORG to find ways in which you can help us.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I want to personally thank all our friends and generous supporters for their commitment and dedication to our work. without you , the Ocean Alliance and the Voyage of the Odyssey would only be a voice in the back of the room and because of you, we are now A VOICE FROM THE SEA.

Until next time. Thank you.

Log by Tom Tilas

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