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Vietnam Diary: People's Army Newspaper October 8, 2012 The History Detectives Team Vietnam's People's Army Newspaper devoted a five part series to the deeply personal story of the family's journey since their father died in 1966. For Marge Garner and Bob Frazure, the details in this story brings closure to their quest to put the diary in the proper hands. Comments (0)

Returning the Diary September 28, 2012 Jennifer Silverman, Series Producer On September 21, 2012, the journey of Vu Dinh Doan’s diary was completed. In his home town of Cay Village, Vietnam, Colonel Nguyen Xuan Nang, director of the Vietnam Defense History Museum presented the diary to Doan’s surviving children, Vu Dinh Son and Vu Thi Tuyen. Comments (0)

Civil War Deringers August 14, 2012 Jennifer Silverman, Series Producer Every story on History Detectives brings surprises, but this season, we had the same unwelcome revelation a number of times: disputed ownership of the artifact. We expected this on our story about Bob Dylan’s Newport Guitar – that is the inherent mystery – but the issue appeared again and again as the production season continued. Comments (0)

Rogue Book Update August 2, 2012 Jennifer Silverman, Series Producer During research and production for the Clint Black Rogues Book story, we tried to track down how the book may have gotten into the hands of the dealer who sold the book to Clint's wife, and we hunted in vain for an image of the Leavenworth Police Department from the 1910's.  And then a viewer, Chriss Harper, wrote us this note after we aired:I was a manager at a local grocery store in Leavenworth, Kansas (about 1989-ish). Comments (0)

Bettie Page July 30, 2012 The History Detectives Team Allen Johnson, a History Detectives viewer sent us an interesting email we wanted to share… I noticed that the slide that was the focus of your investigation appeared to be included in an "Industrial Training Presentation". Actually this was quite common in the late 1950's, 1960's and early 1970's. Comments (0)

Season 10 Schedule June 21, 2012 The History Detectives Team Don't miss a show... Comments (0)

A Vietnamese War Diary Finally Goes Home June 5, 2012 Jennifer Silverman, Series Producer Read the story of a remarkable investigation that is making headlines around the world. Comments (0)

Investigations Follow Up August 2, 2011 Jennifer Silverman This week’s episode contained three popular repeats from season 8. Here’s an update on what happened with the stories since they originally aired in 2010. Comments (0)

War Club Correction July 19, 2011 The History Detectives Team In our story about Teddy Roosevelt's war club, History Detectives mistakenly identified William Taft as Roosevelt's former Vice President. Comments (0)

Season 9... and we're off! July 5, 2011 Jennifer Silverman, Series Producer The ninth season of History Detectives has started airing, and while that in itself is an accomplishment (one we owe to the continued support of our unquenchably curious audience) looking back over the season, I’m always amazed we get to the end. Comments (0)

Have you seen this window? June 29, 2011 The History Detectives Team If you know where this window is, or have a good lead where we might look, please let us know. Comments (0)

Moon Museum Update June 23, 2011 The History Detectives Team Many creatives dedicated their time and artistic energy to making the Moon Museum. Two of those people were Bell Laboratories engineers Bob Merkle and Burt Unger. Comments (0)

Let Us Solve Your Mystery March 2, 2011 The History Detectives Team History Detectives producers are hunting for great cases. Do you have an intriguing item you’ve always wondered about? Series Producer, Jennifer Silverman, asks your help for the upcoming season. Comments (0)

Tukufu and Max Manning August 23, 2010 The History Detectives Team Pop Lloyd was a great baseball player. He’s in the hall of fame and one of his best students was a guy named Max Manning. Comments (0)

Correction: Cotton Club Interstitial August 6, 2010 The History Detectives Team We want to acknowledge a couple of factual mistakes in the Cotton Club interstitial which last aired on July 19, 2010. First, the Cotton Club did not launch Ella Fitzgerald’s career. Comments (0)