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Archives from 2007

How to Become a Historian September 14, 2007 The History Detectives Team Dear Gwen, I am very interested in the work that you all do. How does one become an archivist, appraiser or historian? Do you know of things that I can do now to prepare for such careers? Nicole, 16 Hi Nicole, It's great to see you interested in history. Comments (0)

To Glove or not to Glove? July 23, 2007 The History Detectives Team As so called "laymen" or non-experts, we are always told not to touch or handle old items with our bare hands because the oils on our hands will damage the items, yet I see you people doing it all the time. Isn't that just as bad as us handling these items? James Luke, South Dakota Dear James, You've raised a fascinating question. Comments (0)

African American Genealogy July 2, 2007 The History Detectives Team Dear Tukufu, My mother is from Germany and my father from the US. My father is African American. Comments (0)

Suffrage Painting Question July 2, 2007 The History Detectives Team Dear Gwen, I have two questions prompted by your fascinating segment on the women's suffrage painting. 1) I didn't understand how you generated the short list of individuals named Dale from which you identified the actual artist. Comments (0)