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Archives from 2008

Thanks to History Detectives, I located my father November 1, 2008 The History Detectives Team Maryann K. (Inman) Aniversario wrote: Just wanted to say thank you. Comments (0)

Blueprint Special Aids Conservation September 25, 2008 The History Detectives Team Dan Ruggiero from Rutgers Oral History Archives emailed this comment: I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how helpful this segment was. Just a few days ago I was contacted by someone with a record from World War II. Comments (0)

Reporting an Error September 18, 2008 The History Detectives Team James Downard alerted us to errors in BluePrint Special: This may already have been spotted by others, but if not: the military archivist who showed the original blueprint edition got a few details wrong regarding the composers' subsequent works. Loesser did not write Richard Adler & David Ross' "Damn Yankees", nor did the brilliant Alex North pen Malcolm Arnold's music for "Bridge on the River Kwai". Comments (0)

Shipwreck Cannons update September 10, 2008 The History Detectives Team Bill Goddard wrote in for additional information on the Shipwreck Cannons story. The History Detectives contacted Chris Havel in Salem, Oregon, Communications officer for the Office of the Director, Oregon Parks and Recreation Dept. Comments (0)

History Detectives story inspires song September 3, 2008 The History Detectives Team I make a living playing Irish, Scottish and Folk festivals - and selling records. A few years back I was inspired by one of your stories about James Hamlin, a runaway slave who worked on-board the Charles W Morgan. Comments (0)

More USS Olympia glass windows found August 21, 2008 The History Detectives Team Five History Detectives viewers from the Midwest have contacted us to say they have identical or nearly identical glass windows to the one featured in the USS Olympia Glass story that aired August 11, 2008. Nick Newman writes: I am from Omaha, where the window was made - my mother found the same (unmounted) window back in 1968, and mounted it in a frame for hanging, but not before my brother managed to have a forbidden party during which the window got cracked. Comments (0)

Japanese Balloon Bomb explosion location August 11, 2008 The History Detectives Team We were contacted by Les Reese with this question regarding the Japanese Balloon Bomb story that aired July 14, 2008: During the broadcast, Tukufu referenced Bly, Oregon as the location where one of the war balloons had landed; in May, 1945, it was found by a group of picnickers and killed them. In viewing the write-up of the program, I noticed the word "Bly" was omitted from the location in Oregon where the balloon landed. Comments (0)

Best method for copying 18th century document August 4, 2008 The History Detectives Team Dru Ransdell emailed with a question for Gwendolyn Wright: I have a document written in iron manuscript ink by my ancestor in 1752. It is a pledge of a club of about 50 teenage(!)young men to walk a Christian life. Comments (0)

Hindenburg Artifact story correction July 30, 2008 The History Detectives Team A number of viewers have contacted us with corrections to the Hindenburg Artifact story. Over twenty caught the error in our showing a B-29 bombing Germany. Comments (0)

Gold plated Airstream July 28, 2008 The History Detectives Team Mike Logan I am just curious as to what happened to the gold plated airstream that Wally Byam took on the historic "Cape Town to Cairo Caravan" of 1959? To answer Mike's question we contacted Wally Byam's nephew, John Dale Schwamborn Wally Byam's wife's name was Stella. Family members called her Stel. Comments (0)

How do I authenticate a document? July 24, 2008 The History Detectives Team Patti's question: I have a homestead certificate from Territory of Oklahoma and was interested if u could tell me how to tell if it is an original? It has two raised seals on it and Theodore Roosevelt's signature on it, whom was the president of the U.S. Comments (0)

Finding an Appraiser July 23, 2008 The History Detectives Team I am hoping that you could offer a suggestion to a situation that has plagued my 85 year old mother for many years. I don't know the entire story or all of the details, and she remembers them now only sporadically. Comments (0)

Japanese Balloon Story July 21, 2008 The History Detectives Team Fred Granata of Portland, OR writes in with a personal story that contradicts the contention that the presence of Japanese Balloon Bombs was "Top Secret." This concerns the Japanese balloon bomb segment of the History Detectives program last Monday, July 14, which I understand is produced by OPB. Comments (0)

An honorary detective? July 9, 2008 The History Detectives Team Sharp eyed viewer Randy Finfrock writes: On the "Do it Yourself" Overview, 3rd paragraph, 3rd line: the word census is mis-spelled. I love your show and don't mean to be picky, but it requires perfection in order to do each story justice. Comments (0)

Medal of Honor July 8, 2008 The History Detectives Team Michael Buhr writes: I love this show. One negative comment, please stop calling the "Medal of Honor" the "Congressional Medal of Honor". Comments (0)

My favorite TV show July 8, 2008 The History Detectives Team Dear Detectives, After watching History Detectives for the first time last summer on KETC here in St. Louis, I have grown to like the show more and more. Comments (0)

Finding Careers in Historical Research July 7, 2008 The History Detectives Team Gwen Wright's response to Nicole on how to become a historian was insightful. Here is a different twist on the question. Comments (0)

A viewer's response to Ernie Pyle's Typewriter April 10, 2008 The History Detectives Team Dear Detectives,I just watched the episode about Ernie Pyle's typewriter (on station KRCB in Sonoma County, California), and just had to write to thank you for airing this story. My father, Harvey Downey, was in the 77th Division on Okinawa when Pyle was there, and all his life he talked about the pain the men felt when Pyle was killed. Comments (0)