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Archives from 2011

Investigations Follow Up August 2, 2011 Jennifer Silverman This week’s episode contained three popular repeats from season 8. Here’s an update on what happened with the stories since they originally aired in 2010. Comments (0)

War Club Correction July 19, 2011 The History Detectives Team In our story about Teddy Roosevelt's war club, History Detectives mistakenly identified William Taft as Roosevelt's former Vice President. Comments (0)

Season 9... and we're off! July 5, 2011 Jennifer Silverman, Series Producer The ninth season of History Detectives has started airing, and while that in itself is an accomplishment (one we owe to the continued support of our unquenchably curious audience) looking back over the season, I’m always amazed we get to the end. Comments (0)

Have you seen this window? June 29, 2011 The History Detectives Team If you know where this window is, or have a good lead where we might look, please let us know. Comments (0)

Moon Museum Update June 23, 2011 The History Detectives Team Many creatives dedicated their time and artistic energy to making the Moon Museum. Two of those people were Bell Laboratories engineers Bob Merkle and Burt Unger. Comments (0)

Let Us Solve Your Mystery March 2, 2011 The History Detectives Team History Detectives producers are hunting for great cases. Do you have an intriguing item you’ve always wondered about? Series Producer, Jennifer Silverman, asks your help for the upcoming season. Comments (0)