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Have you seen this window? June 29, 2011 The History Detectives Team If you know where this window is, or have a good lead where we might look, please let us know. Comments (0)

DIY: Lookout Mountain Painting July 26, 2010 The History Detectives Team The painting of the Battle of Lookout Mountain was by artist John Gisch. In the course of our investigation we discovered he fought during the battle for Chattanooga. Comments (0)

DIY: Moon Museum Update July 14, 2010 The History Detectives Team Thanks to all our viewers who submitted suggestions and leads to follow up on the Moon Museum story. We’re tracking down several of these, but at the moment we haven’t found the smoking gun, so please keep sending us any information you may have that could identify John F. Comments (0)

DIY: Clara Barton Letter July 12, 2010 The History Detectives Team In this story we investigated a letter written by Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross. Dated July 1866, the letter reports the death of a man named Israel Brown. Comments (0)

DIY: Moon Museum June 7, 2010 The History Detectives Team WHO IS JOHN F.? And did he smuggle a piece of Andy Warhol art onto the moon? For our first episode of the season, we’re asking YOU to help us solve these mysteries. Comments (0)

How we solved it: Stylometric Analysis May 3, 2010 The History Detectives Team During Season 6 Tukufu investigated the book Female Life Among the Mormons, Maria Ward’s epic 1856 tale of her encounters with polygamy in Utah Territory. After reading the scandalous narrative, the owner of the book wanted to know who Maria Ward was and whether her story was true. Comments (0)

DIY: Creating a Digital Archive April 19, 2010 The History Detectives Team During the research phase of History Detectives investigations, we rely on one tool more than any other: the digital image. We email them to experts, we enlarge them for details, and we use them to avoid handling originals any more than we must. Comments (0)

Captain Pollard Horn March 8, 2010 The History Detectives Team This mystery came to us from Rebecca of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. She inherited a 20” long brass horn inscribed “PRESENTED TO Capt. Comments (0)

CWF Card: Case Closed November 30, 2009 The History Detectives Team Our first web investigation reminded us that what you don’t find can sometimes be more revealing than what you do.   The owner of this card wanted to know what the Colored World’s fair was, and if it was ever held. Comments (0)

Colored World's Fair card October 20, 2009 The History Detectives Team   This mystery came to us from Kathleen M. of Ypsilanti, Mississippi. Comments (0)

Finding Family September 3, 2009 The History Detectives Team Are you interested in investigating your roots? Genealogical research allows you to find out the history of your family. If you want to research your family, your first step should be to decide what you’re looking for, compile a list of what you want to know. Comments (0)

Fighting Forebears August 27, 2009 The History Detectives Team In this weeks episode, History Detective Eduardo Pagan, investigated a portrait painted in a German POW camp during World War Two and the American soldier who painted it. You can use the following tips to investigate combatants in many US conflicts. Comments (0)

An old master, or just a paint by number? August 24, 2009 The History Detectives Team In this week’s episode, History Detective Elyse Luray investigated some mural studies that may be connected to President Roosevelt’s New Deal arts program. Elyse’s search required her to find out more about the artist and led to some interesting connections to the celebrated Mexican mural painter Diego Rivera. Comments (0)

See The Signs August 17, 2009 The History Detectives Team This week History Detectives investigated some old letters and their connection to Liberia, Africa. The investigation called on Tukufu Zuberi to examine the letters to determine if a contributor’s ancestor had made it to Liberia from late 19th century America. Comments (0)

Take a Closer Look August 10, 2009 The History Detectives Team Appraising an object is the first stop on the investigation trail, which is why there are two professional appraisers on the History Detectives team: Wes and Elyse. An appraisal is a formal estimation of the provenance, veracity, significance, and in some cases, value of something. Comments (0)

Skeletons in the Closet August 3, 2009 The History Detectives Team Researching a person often leads to surprising and exciting revelations. You can use the same techniques and sources of information that we use on History Detectives to carry out your investigation. Comments (0)

Be A House Detective July 24, 2009 The History Detectives Team Are you curious about the history of a building? Maybe you want to know the story lying within the walls of your home? Your inquiry into the history of a building will pass through two stages, the first is investigation. Track down any clues, or quirks, related to the physical structure, construction or architecture, which can help you focus your investigation. Comments (0)

Know the Rogue's Gallery July 16, 2009 The History Detectives Team At History Detectives we are often asked to examine photographs to determine their age, origin, subject, content or authenticity. Historical photos can provide a wonderful glimpse into the past, but in order to draw the right conclusion you need to pay attention to the smallest details. Comments (0)

Locating an expert July 10, 2009 The History Detectives Team Experts are a crucial source of information for a History Detectives investigation, and we regularly consult specialists in a variety of fields. Our experts include academics, researchers, historians and authors from all over America. Comments (0)

Ballistics: Aiming to Find Out July 7, 2009 The History Detectives Team You can use the same techniques carried out by ballistics experts to find out the story behind weapons and bullets. In this week’s story, the St Valentines Day Massacre, History Detectives investigates whether a shotgun was used in an infamous gangland massacre. Comments (0)

Searching for the Patently Obvious June 29, 2009 The History Detectives Team Digging up a patent can shed light on objects you are investigating, and often make for very interesting reading. If you have an object that has been widely manufactured and you are curious as to when it was invented and released, patents are a great way to establish provenance. Comments (0)

Digging Deep: How to find what you're looking for June 22, 2009 The History Detectives Team When starting a historical investigation you need to begin with the basics - good, solid research. While many find this a daunting and laborious task, the research process can be as fascinating as solving a murder mystery. Comments (0)

Get involved with History Detectives! June 12, 2009 The History Detectives Team This season we’re opening up History Detectives to you, our audience, with our brand new DIY Investigations section. Each week we’ll reveal the techniques and tricks of the investigation trade so you too can become a History Detective and decode mysteries in your city, town and in your home. Comments (0)