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War Club Correction July 19, 2011 The History Detectives Team In our story about Teddy Roosevelt's war club, History Detectives mistakenly identified William Taft as Roosevelt's former Vice President. Comments (0)

Correction: Cotton Club Interstitial August 6, 2010 The History Detectives Team We want to acknowledge a couple of factual mistakes in the Cotton Club interstitial which last aired on July 19, 2010. First, the Cotton Club did not launch Ella Fitzgerald’s career. Comments (0)

Theremin story: Correction June 30, 2010 The History Detectives Team In this week’s Theremin story, there was an inaccurate statement regarding Vladimir Lenin. Lenin died in 1924, and therefore could not have directly sent Leon Theremin on an international tour in 1926. Comments (0)

Where is Appomattox, VA? September 8, 2009 The History Detectives Team A number of viewers have contacted us with a correction to the Civil War Bridge story. Stephanie Wilson writes: "In the end of the segment on Sherman's pontoon bridge in Columbia, SC there is mention to Appomattox, VA where Lee surrendered. Comments (0)

Reporting an Error September 18, 2008 The History Detectives Team James Downard alerted us to errors in BluePrint Special: This may already have been spotted by others, but if not: the military archivist who showed the original blueprint edition got a few details wrong regarding the composers' subsequent works. Loesser did not write Richard Adler & David Ross' "Damn Yankees", nor did the brilliant Alex North pen Malcolm Arnold's music for "Bridge on the River Kwai". Comments (0)

Hindenburg Artifact story correction July 30, 2008 The History Detectives Team A number of viewers have contacted us with corrections to the Hindenburg Artifact story. Over twenty caught the error in our showing a B-29 bombing Germany. Comments (0)