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Vietnam Diary: People's Army Newspaper October 8, 2012 The History Detectives Team Vietnam's People's Army Newspaper devoted a five part series to the deeply personal story of the family's journey since their father died in 1966. For Marge Garner and Bob Frazure, the details in this story brings closure to their quest to put the diary in the proper hands. Comments (0)

Civil War Deringers August 14, 2012 Jennifer Silverman, Series Producer Every story on History Detectives brings surprises, but this season, we had the same unwelcome revelation a number of times: disputed ownership of the artifact. We expected this on our story about Bob Dylan’s Newport Guitar – that is the inherent mystery – but the issue appeared again and again as the production season continued. Comments (0)

Investigations Follow Up August 2, 2011 Jennifer Silverman This week’s episode contained three popular repeats from season 8. Here’s an update on what happened with the stories since they originally aired in 2010. Comments (0)

Moon Museum Update June 23, 2011 The History Detectives Team Many creatives dedicated their time and artistic energy to making the Moon Museum. Two of those people were Bell Laboratories engineers Bob Merkle and Burt Unger. Comments (0)