Feature Finding The Real Thing

Learn more about how to find a genuine historical object.

Finding The Real Thing

Wes with more on finding the "real thing".

If you want to own your own piece of American history, where do you start?

First learn everything you can about the type of item you'd like to collect.

Go to museums, go to antique fairs.

Talk to dealers and collectors.

Study books, price guides and magazines.

You can also give yourself a leg up by joining a collecting club.

These are great places to network with other collectors.

You can benefit from their experiences and of course, learn from their mistakes.

Once you decide to buy an artifact, how do you proceed?

First only buy from reputable vendors.

Regardless of how reputable the dealer is, always ask for a money back guarantee.

There's always a chance you bought a forgery or a fake.

It can happen to the best of us.

If you suspect you have, get an appraisal or a second opinion.

Once you have some proof of fakery, take the object back to the dealer you bought it from.

Reputable ones will always take back a fake.

And if you got a guarantee, you'll get your money back.

Finally, remember that those unbelievable diamond-in-the-rough finds make for great movie plots, but they don't exist too often in the real world.

If it's too good a deal to be true, it probably isn't.