Andrew Jackson's Mouth

The Case:

Thirty-five years ago a collector traded some duck decoys for an item inside a Sunbeam electric iron box. This item was wrapped in sheepskin, a mouth and chin carved out of wood.

Articles and a letter at the bottom of the box say this mouth was part of a figurehead of President Andrew Jackson affixed to the bow of U.S.S. Constitution until protestors vandalized the carving in the 1830’s.

Could this wooden mouth have once adorned U.S.S. Constitution? History Detectives gets clues from a U.S.S. Constitution historian, and a historian in 19th century woodcarving.

Book extract: Dewey's Account
This book extract is Samuel Dewey's account of the taking of Andrew Jackson's figurehead. The interview took place several years after the event, and is thought to be the only time Dewey spoke directly about the incident. (Source: Historic fields and mansions of Middlesex by Samuel Adams Drake)

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