Civil War Cannon

The Case:

A Charleston, SC antique dealer discovered a century old puzzle in a corked test tube.  

The tube contained what appeared to be metal filings along with a note that reads: "Old Secession was rebored at the Charleston Iron Works May 4/99 and fired by Palmetto Guard Company U.C.V. in honor of U.C.V. reunion May 10/99."  

Growing up he had heard the story of a Charleston cannon that fired the shot that began the Civil War.  

Could these shavings come from the cannon that sounded the first volley in the fight for southern secession?

History Detectives goes to the harbor overlooking Ft. Sumter, the first battlefield of the Civil War and gets crucial information from an expert that restores cannons.

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Season 9, Episode 1

Elyse Luray Location:
South Carolina and Pennsylvania

More Information

Confederate Museum Charleston
188 Meeting Street
Charleston, SC 29401-3155
(843) 723-1541

UCV Reunion Brochure

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