Ernie Pyle's Typewriter

The Case:

A man in Portland, Oregon thinks he may have a typewriter that belonged to the famous World War II journalist, Ernie Pyle, America’s most beloved battlefront correspondent.

Our contributor’s grandfather told him he received the vintage “Corona 3” from Major George Pratt, who also served in the Pacific. A trail-blazing reporter, Ernie Pyle was celebrated for telling the stories of “ordinary soldiers” serving in Europe.

But when he followed the siren song of the Pacific, he was ultimately killed by a Japanese sniper bullet on the island of Ie Shima on April 18, 1945.

History Detectives investigates the fascinating life of the man who gave voice to the common foot soldier.

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Season 5, Episode 4

Wes Cowan Location:
Albuquerque, New Mexico, Bloomington, Indiana, and Portland Oregon

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