Galvez Papers

The Case:

In 1779 the Governor of Spanish colonial Louisiana signed a document that emancipated Agnes Mathieu from slavery.

What was so special about Agnes that a Governor had to sign off on her release? Most freedom papers from the time bear only the signature of the former slaveholder notarized by a local clerk.

But Governor Bernardo de Galvez had a special interest in this case.

History Detectives heads to Louisiana to trace an epic tale of politics, war, love and loyalty. In the French Quarter, at Tulane University, and on the shelves of a local archive we discovers Governor Galvez’s pivotal role in America’s fight for freedom – both in the Revolutionary War and in a romantic story of our contributor’s past.

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Season 8, Episode 10

Elyse Luray Location:
New Orleans and Los Angeles

Spanish Influence in New Orleans

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