Luxury Liner Picture Frame

The Case:

Robert Martorana and Cathy McIsaac always wondered about the odd-looking frame on their grandmother’s shelf. Growing up, both heard incredible stories about where it came from.

Robert believes the frame was made from a piece of the Titanic. Cathy heard it was made from a piece of the Lusitania. But both were told that their great-grandfather worked on a ship that recovered bodies after the Titanic sank in April of 1912 and the Lusitania was torpedoed in May of 1915. He grabbed a floating piece of wood and had it made into a frame.

With all the fake artifacts from both ships in the marketplace, Robert and Cathy ask History Detectives host Elyse Luray to find out whether this picture frame is the genuine article.

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Season 10, Episode 5

Elyse Luray Location:
Halifax, Nova Scotia

More Information

Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
1675 Lower Water Street 
Halifax, B3J 1S3

Dartmouth Heritage Museum
26 Newcastle Street
Dartmouth, NS B2Y 3M5
902 464-2300

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